Premium PLA Filament 1.75mm

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The filament of choice for most 3D printers and for good reason.

PLA filament (Polylactic acid) is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester made of renewable resources like corn or starch.

Its extrusion-temperature is much lower than ABS and most often doesn’t require a heated bed.

Our PLA has been the go-to filament for many users and business alike. We offer a wide variety of colours that maintain a consistent printing temperature. Our PLA prints slightly hotter than others at 215 on the nozzle, this has great benefits such as increased layer adhesion, higher part strength and glossier finishing!

We also use our filament in-house for our printing service, our most popular colours for prototyping are Black, White, Grey and Red.

Technology Outlet's Silk filament is a hybrid material composed of a PLA base material with a silk additive, giving it a silky appearance that gives off a brilliant silver-hued light with a milky appearance.

Suitable for lamps, vases, clothing decoration and crafts wedding gifts.

Good toughness, high gloss, easy to peel and smooth printing, it does expand as it leaves the nozzle slightly, so reducing your flow rate from 100% or 1 to 95% or 0.95 is ideal. It prints at the same temperature too!

Technology Outlet's Recycled filament is made from 100% recycled filament. The colour may vary from spool to spool, there is no batch consistency in terms of the colour. Hardened nozzles or all metal hotends may need a higher print temperature.

Accurate diameter: 1.75mm, variations + /-0.03mm, roundness +/-0.02mm;

 We strongly recommend printing on a Glass bed with 3DLAC for the best results possible.

Check out our PRINTING PACK here.

PLA filament
Filament weight
1 KG
Print temperature
190 - 220°C
Best temperature
Bed temperature
40-50°C or turn off the heated bed
Compatibility Most FDM 3D Printers

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