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We have had a lot of demand from customers wanting switches, nozzles, heated beds and a host of other parts so here is our slowly increasing, ever-expanding range. More parts are added daily. Please email if there is a part you require not listed... chances are we have it! Email:

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PrimaCreator Nozzle Cleaning KitPrimaCreator Nozzle Cleaning Kit
PrimaCreator MK8 Brass NozzlesPrimaCreator MK8 Brass Nozzles
PrimaCreator Tool Kit for 3D Printers
PrimaCreator Raise3D Pro2 Brass NozzlesPrimaCreator Raise3D Pro2 Brass Nozzles
PrimaCreator MK8 Hardened Steel Nozzles
PrimaCreator MK10 Brass NozzlesPrimaCreator MK10 Brass Nozzles
PrimaCreator Raise3D Pro2 Hardened Steel Nozzles
PrimaCreator All Metal Hot-End for Creality CR-6 SEPrimaCreator All Metal Hot-End for Creality CR-6 SE
PrimaCreator All Metal Hot-End for Creality (MK8)PrimaCreator All Metal Hot-End for Creality (MK8)
PrimaCreator Resin FiltersPrimaCreator Resin Filters
PrimaCreator FEP Film Roll 1600mm x 300mmPrimaCreator FEP Film Roll 1600mm x 300mm
PrimaCreator Raise3D Pro2 Nickel Plated Copper Nozzle
PrimaCreator CR-10S Pro Brass NozzlesPrimaCreator CR-10S Pro Brass Nozzles
PrimaCreator MK8 Nickel Plated Copper Nozzles
PrimaCreator CR-10S Pro Hardened Steel Nozzles
PrimaCreator Raise3D Pro2 Ruby Nozzles
PrimaCreator RepRap M6 Hardened Nozzles
PrimaCreator RepRap M6 Brass NozzlesPrimaCreator RepRap M6 Brass Nozzles
PrimaCreator MK10 Hardened Steel Nozzles
PrimaCreator RepRap M6 Ruby NozzlesPrimaCreator RepRap M6 Ruby Nozzles
PrimaCreator MK10 Brass Ruby NozzlePrimaCreator MK10 Brass Ruby Nozzle
PrimaCreator MK8 Brass Ruby NozzlePrimaCreator MK8 Brass Ruby Nozzle

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