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Do I need a 3D printer?

We sell hundreds of printers a month to all types of business from schools ,universities, the NHS, small business, and home users, all over the UK and EU,If you can think  of a use for an item that you want to get made for an application you can probably print it out.

Are they expensive?

We import all our 3D printers to the UK we sell on Amazon, eBay and on our own website. You are buying straight from the source. There is no middleman as we buy direct from the manufacturer. Prices start from under 500GBP to buy and the cost of an average spool of filament is 20GBP per KG. Most items made will cost pennies not pounds so running costs are cheap. If you just want a few copies of an item rather than a few thousand these will save you a fortune!

What kind of warranty do you give?

All our printers come with UK tech support via phone, email or chat, All printers come with 1YR UK warranty

Are they easy to use?

Our most popular printers are opensource and will use a wide variety of free printing software readily available such as replicator G ,SolidWorks, MakerBot, makerware , etc and from opening box to first print should be less than 1hr please take a look at our Quickstart guide box to first print video