Warranty Return and Refund Policy

Technology Outlet Warranty & Returns Policy

Aftersales and Tech Support:

All tech support requests are usually responded to the same day, we ask you to send images or videos along with your order number or invoice when making a support request, this helps us get up to speed with you and your issue as soon as possible. On rare occasions, support response times may be a little slow, this is to be expected in busier periods such as bank holidays, Christmas and Black Friday. Some scenarios are out of our control, rest assured, we aim to respond to all emails within a 24hr period.


All hardware is subject to a 1 Years Manufacturer Repair or Replace Warranty. (does not include refurbished hardware)

This is not a return to base warranty.

If a fault arises within 1 year of receipt date, please contact us for the next steps, you need to provide your original order number or your invoice as proof of purchase and so that your order can be located. If your warranty claim is valid, we shall then proceed. Most claims can be solved remotely in the means of sending parts out directly to you, from us. On the rare occasion we don’t stock the part required to solve the issue, other means will be explored to get you back up and running in a timely manner.

What’s Covered?

All 3D printers, scanners and hardware accessories are covered by this warranty.

Things that aren’t covered, that are classed as consumable or serviceable include but are not limited to:

Nozzles, Heater Cartridges, Thermistors, Roller Wheels and Bearings, Print Surfaces, End-stop switches, USB cables, Charging Cables, SD Cards and SD Card Readers, Bowden Tubes and Bowden Tube Couplers, Filament Drive Gears, FEP Films, Screen Protectors, Complimentary Tools with any machine.


LCD Resin Printer Screens:

Resin 3D Printer LCD screens are usually covered by a 3 month warranty as their life span can vary to 1500-2500 printing hours which with constant use, you can expect between 80-100 days worth of printing (24hr printing). The Warranty is valid for 3 Months. Not the printing time.

Early failure of the screen due to a lack of (or poor) maintenance/cleaning is not covered by the warranty. The screen and the deck which the screen is fitted within should be kept completely clean of any resin or resin residue.

Screens are classed as consumable parts, this is due to the extreme conditions they are exposed to. Those conditions include high temperatures, extremely powerful UV light and heat cycling.

To find out if a fault with your item is covered, please contact us in the first instance.

All hardware modifications invalidate warranty unless it is a product that is tested and supplied by us. If any modifications have been made to your hardware, it must be declared at first point of contact, you may be asked to send images of certain components to back this up.


Treatment after purchase:

Damage caused by the user of any item purchased is not covered by the warranty.

This includes.

-          Incorrect fitting of modifications that has caused damage to the machine.

-          Fitting irreversible modifications to a machine.

-          Accidental damage to the machine.

-          Changing the machine's firmware to 3rd party firmware.

-          Incorrect or insufficient maintenance of the machine.

-          Incorrect use of the machine or using the machine in a way that is not                  intended by the manufacturer that may cause damage to the machine.

If you need any help fitting any modifications you intend to make to a machine that is still under warranty, please contact us before fitting the modification and we will be more than happy to help and advise the best way to conduct the modification in a way that will not affect your warranty if this is possible. Keep in mind when purchasing modifications that some modifications are unable to be fitted in a way that will not affect the machine's warranty. If you are unsure whether a specific modification will affect the machine's warranty, please contact us before purchasing the modification so we can clarify this for you.

If you do make reversible modifications to the machine that do not affect the machine's warranty, please keep all the original parts for the duration of the warranty period. In the cause of a warranty claim, we will ask you to re-fit all the original parts before returning the machine. If you do not keep the original parts or are unable to fit all the original parts this will invalidate the warranty.

Changing a machine's firmware to 3rd party firmware does not invalidate your warranty, but you do this at your own risk. If the firmware causes damage to the machine or you cannot revert back to the original firmware for the purposes of a warranty claim this will invalidate your warranty.

Incorrect or insufficient maintenance of a machine can cause the machine or parts of a machine to fail within the warranty period. If a machine has not been maintained correctly or has been used in a way that is not intended by the manufacturer this will invalidate your warranty. If you are unsure of how to correctly maintain or use any machine that you receive from us or are unsure whether conducting specific maintenance to the machine will invalidate your warranty, you should contact us before taking any action. Failure to do so could also invalidate your warranty.

We will be more than happy to offer help and advice if you need any clarification on correct maintenance, repairs or use of any product bought from us. If you are in need of any assistance or any help or advice, please contact support@technologyoutlet.co.uk.


Filament is not covered by warranty; filament is a consumable product that requires care in the means of handling and storage. Please note, there will be variations in pigmentation between batches, this is something we cannot control, this is applicable to coloured or speciality filaments where additives such as Carbon Particulate, Metallic Particulate, Luminescent Particulate and Wood Particulate are present.  If you have an issue with your filament, please contact us for a resolution. A point worth noting. Once finished with a spool, it is important that you place the cut end of the filament in the side of the spool without passing it through any other coils of filament, this will stop tangles.

In the factory, this is done by hand after every spool has been manufactured, on the rare occasion this has been accidentally passed under another coil of the filament, you can simply reverse the direction that it has passed. (You should check before every use).



If you have a new, unopened and unused product, you can return it to us for a full refund or a replacement depending on your requirements. You are responsible for all postage costs and goods-in-transit insurance. If you are out of your 14 Day window, this will be subject to a 20% fee that will be deducted from your refund, if you are swapping an item, you are responsible for the shipping of the new item, please contact sales@technologyoutlet.co.uk for more information.

For any machines or hardware, we ask that you keep and retain the original carton and carton fillings to protect your machine in transit back to us. Failure to ship the item back in the original packaging may cause damage to the product, which we are not liable for. If you don't have the original packaging, Technology Outlet will not be liable for any losses or damages during the return process, you are liable for any damages due to poor/inadequate packaging and fillings and you will accept full responsibility for the return. If you do not have the original packaging and packing materials, you should arrange the return with goods in transit insurance.



Refurbished Printers:


Refurbished printers are likely to show signs of previous use, but are all in perfect working condition. We cannot guarantee that all accessories such as SD cards, tools, user manuals, spare nozzles and parts, will be included as they are not always returned.

All of our refurbished units are customer returns. Our highly trained technicians do a small test print on these machines and inspect the units to identify any faults. If a fault is identified, the necessary fixes are made. The printer then undergoes extensive testing and is then repackaged ready to send to you.

We will not accept any returns on refurbished hardware should you change your mind due to a mis-perception of our policy.

We will not accept any returns on refurbished hardware due to signs of use on items/components including but not limited to: print surfaces/nozzles/extruders etc. For full clarification, please contact us.

Printers listed as ‘(New) Broken Seal’ are new machines that have not been previously assembled or used, but have been opened by us or a previous owner. We make sure that all the parts and accessories are included in the box before we re-sell them. We do not re-sell any machine that has a broken seal if it looks like there are parts missing from the box.

Printers listed as ‘(New) Damaged Box’ are printers that are new and have not been used, but the box is damaged in some way that would prevent us from selling it as a new machine. We do sometimes open the boxes to identify weather or not the printer inside has sustained any damage, but we do not test these machines before we re-sell them. We do not re-sell any machine that has a damaged box which looks like the printer inside is also damaged, or if it looks like there are parts missing from the box.

All of our refurbished, broken seal and damaged box units come with a six-month warranty. We will not extend nor give the option to extend a warranty.




If you are unsure about any part of our policy, please contact us directly.