Who are we?

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The Beginning

In 2014, the founders of 3D Prima decided that there was room in the market for affordable but good 3D printers. Prices had fallen to a level that was suddenly accessible to both small companies and private individuals. After extensive market research, the company 3D Prima.Com was formed.

At the end of 2014, sales started modestly with a very simple webshop and a limited range. Office and warehouse were then only 40 square meters large. The founder, Jacob Mårtensson, realized that more people were needed to be able to grow faster. Shortly after, Martin Björk and Andreas Björk came into the picture as part owners and to participate in the daily operations.

Fast expansion

Quite soon we discovered that the need for 3D printers and filaments grew very quickly and every day questions and suggestions appeared on various printers and filaments. In connection with this, we moved to larger premises and could thereby expand very quickly in 2015.

The range of printers grew rapidly and the first filament range under its own brand came into being. At the same time, we also started to set up a strategy to reach out to end customers as well as to retailers in Europe. This proved very successful and the range grew in step with the increase in sales.

In 2016, we grew further and realized that we needed even more space. This led to us moving in 2017 to our current premises in Malmö, the third largest City in Sweden. Because of our location in the South of Sweden, we are close to the continent which means fast deliveries. At the same location, we also have our offices, service center and customer support so everything is close by and communication between different departments are fast.

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