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What is 3D Printing and How Does it Work?

What is 3D Printing and How Does it Work?

If you owned a 3D printer, what would you print first? Something quirky perhaps, like a drone or a trinket for your desk? Maybe something bigger like a guitar, a car part or even a house? Here at Technology Outlet, we have a passion for 3D printing, but not everybody knows exactly what 3D printing is about, or how printers are now capable of printing full objects now instead of ink on paper. We decided to explain exactly how this unusual and modern technology works by going back to basics. Read on for more!
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Best Budget 3D Printers (Under £400)

Best Budget 3D Printers (Under £400)

Not too long ago, the cheapest 3D printers available to consumers cost thousands of pounds. Even at that price, they weren’t particularly good or user-friendly. Today, though, you can easily find one for less than a couple hundred quid and it will pack more of a punch than you might expect.
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