Happy new year to you all!!!
We all like to make new years resolutions this time of year, and for a lot of us this means getting back in the gym and getting fit (and working off that Christmas dinner). Of course, 3D printing is all we can really think about, so we decided to mix the two with these awesome workout dice from Custom3Dmodels on Cults3D.

These dice include 6 different exercises that you can do at home, along with 6 different times/reps to keep things interesting with 36 different combinations.

To ensure that you’re properly warmed up, we’ve used our Copymaster Thermo-reactive filament for this print. Once you’ve got the blood pumping these dice will turn white and let you know that you’ve done a proper job of your workout.

We printed these on one of my personal favourite machines at the moment, the CR-10 SE. It’s got a super easy to use UI and is Jam-Packed full of features for the price tag, such as input shaping, Wi-Fi connectivity, remote control, and of course, auto levelling and auto z offset.

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