Print of the Month - Feb 2024

We have something a bit different to share with you for the print of the month this month. 

I went to go see the new Bob Marley film last week, (great film by the way) and I was inspired to make a bit of printed art. 

It was very easy to make. I simply found this image of a lion on google and separated out the background from the line work in some editing software, then imported them into 3D builder and re-assembled it in 3D. I then imported it into Bambu studio to draw in all the colours and hit print. 

The whole print only took about 4 hours, 16 colour changes and only used about 150g of filament to produce this really nice effect. Now we just need to find a good bit of wall to attach it too. I think we will have to take it to some trade shows to show it off as well!

I used the Bambu labs P1S to print this with the AMS, as it's simply the most easy way to do any prints that have multiple colours. 

The settings I used for this were pretty basic. Just a 0.2mm layer height with 15% infill as it does not need to be that strong and it's only about 4mm thick. 

I used a bit of a mix of filaments for this one, I've been asked quite a few times whether you can mix filament brands in multi material prints and the answer is yes. The yellow and black are Copymaster PLA, the green is Bambu Labs own brand filament and the Red is the Prima select. 

As long as each of the filaments have a similar printing temperature you can get very good results without any trouble. We think this one looks fantastic. What do you think? 

If you get inspired to make something similar, we would love it if you could send us some pictures. 

You can see all the details for everything used to make this via the links below. 

Bambu Labs P1S and AMS Combo

Copymaster PLA - Bahama Yellow

Copymaster PLA - Deep Black

PrimaSelect PLA - Red

Bambu Labs PLA basic - Green

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