It’s almost christmas!!! To celebrate the festive season, this month we’ve given the Spoolble by our friends at E3D a print, it’s a perfect gift for that fellow 3D printing nerd in your life, and looks right at home on any christmas tree.
For the ‘’filament’’ on the spool, we’ve gone for the very festive combo of silver and green (the previous scheme for old chris cringle before a certain soft drink company got involved!!!) To get this effect we used the always excellent Primacreator Chameleon filament, so you get a really cool colour shift effect depending on the angle it’s at.
Here at Technology Outlet, we’re always taking steps towards more sustainability within the industry, and we’re proud to say that all of our own brand filaments now ship on cardboard spools. To re-create this effect we used the Polywood filament from polymaker, which despite the name contains no actual wood. It’s actually an advanced, patented foaming PLA, which helps to replicate the density and feel of real wood. How cool is that!!! (excuse the winter pun)
It helped us get a really close colour match to our own card spools, and in my opinion, sells the effect brilliantly. The added benefit of Polywood is that it requires no specialist nozzles or extruders to print, as there are no particulates to cause clogs or abrade the nozzle, so you can use it on any machine you like!
We decided to go 3D printing purist on this one, and we used a length of our Primacreator Easyprint FLEX filament to create the ‘string’ to hang the bauble from our tree. So this bauble is, technically, 100% 3D printed!!! (or at the very least, made from 100% filament)
Our printer of choice this month was the CR-10 SE, its direct drive system being perfect to print our Chameleon filament, as it keeps it nice and straight, so the colour transition is clean.

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