3D Printing Changing Lives

A thoughtful customer of ours submitted this story, showcasing the incredible potential 3D printing has on people’s lives. Thanks Drew!



The end of last year I bought a 3D printer from yourselves. Aside from making toys and other cool things for my kids I have been also been using it to make 3D printed hands for kids and recently an adult in the UK via e-NABLE - http://enablingthefuture.org

So loads of the filaments I have bought from you are now in use helping kids in their daily lives :-)

I have attached a few pictures of recipients with their 3D printed hands all made with your filaments and some media coverage I have had to date:

Toddler born without fingers given new lease of life with pink 'princess' prosthetic
 helping hand for little Miley - thanks to an IT expert's 3D printer
ITV - A helping hand for little Miley e-NABLE - ITV News - Anglia
BBC - Nichola and Brooke

My most recent match was for an adult male in Wales – I have attached a picture of his NHS device and the 3D printed device I made on my 4S with your filament.



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