We Have Some Very Exciting News To Announce…

June has arrived and that means that we can finally reveal our very exciting news… we’re joining with 3D Prima!

Here at Technology Outlet, we’re really passionate about ensuring that we're offering the very best 3D Printing product for tech enthusiasts, and we feel that we're offering the best value so that new people take their first steps into the world of 3D Designing and Printing.

In 2014, the founders of 3D Prima decided that there was room in the market for affordable but good 3D printers. Prices had fallen to a level that was suddenly accessible to both small companies and private individuals. After extensive market research, the company 3D Prima.com was formed.

2018, 3D Prima expanded again and have now opened an office in Germany where they also offer support and sales directly to their German customers. 3D Prima currently has 17 employees and cooperates with many of the largest manufacturers in the market. They offer many different products and have about 80 different models of printers shipped from their own warehouse in Malmö.

We’re very excited to join with them and offering a new range of Filaments, Nozzles and PEI.

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