Our print for this month is dedicated to a legend of the 3D Printing industry, and the Charity set up in his name, Sanjay Mortimer, and the Sanjay Mortimer foundation. Sanjay was an innovator and an icon within the industry. The foundation set up in his name aims to help young, neurodivergent people along their paths towards careers in engineering and additive manufacturing, so that they too can change the game, as Sanjay did previously. 

With the very first Sanjay Mortimer RepRap Festival just around the corner it seems fitting that our print of the month is this excellent tri-colour SMRRF logo from printables.



For this Tri-colour print, we decided to do it the old fashioned way, with a manual pause and filament change at layer height. Our printer of choice for this item was the Creality CR-10 SE

We feel that events like this are designed with collaboration in mind, working together to push the industry forward as a whole. And as such for this model we used filaments from 3 different manufacturers. Titans of the filament industry, Polymaker, and their polyterra PLA Black formed the foundation for this print. For the city skyline in the model, we chose a material with a bit of shine, the Stunning Copymaster Aurora Gold Glitter PLA. For the night sky above the city, we decided to use the Creality Hyper PLA in Grey.

We decided to make this particular print into a fridge magnet with a little bit of upcycling from a spare print bed; it now lives proudly on the office fridge.

If you’d like to pop along and visit us we’ll be attending the SMRRF on the 2nd and 3rd of december on stand G3. Tickets for the event are available here.

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