Print of the Month Sept 2023 - BACK TO SCHOOl!


Seeing as most schools are now back in full swing, we thought it would be nice to showcase a print that would be useful to take with you.

This is a pencil case in the style of a pencil designed by francfalco on thingiverse, which we printed on the new Bambu Labs X1 Carbon using the AMS multi material system. You can download the pencil case for free via the link below.

You don’t need to use a multi material system to print this though, it comes in multiple parts so you could print each part separately and glue them together if your printer can only use a single color. We partly assembled this and printed the rubber and the silver casing separately. The rubber was printed in PLA and the silver casing was printed in ABS to give the locking part a bit more strength where it was needed.

We used a layer height of 0.16mm for all these parts with 15% infill and 2 layer walls. We used a combination of Polymaker’s PolyLite PLA Orange, Copymaster 3D PLA Ivory Beige and Creality’s CR-PLA Black in one single print for the main part of the pencil and the pencil tip. The Rubber and rubber casing were printed separately using Copymaster Magenta PLA and Copymaster ABS Silver Star.

All in all, we were very happy with how this print came out and it will likely get used around our office for storing stray tools! It will be perfect for keeping the place tidy.

You can see the links to everything we used to make this via the links below.


Bambu Labs X1 Carbon
Polymaker PLA
Copymaster PLA
Copymaster ABS
Creality CR-PLA



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