Print Of The Month June - 🏆

It’s that time again, the UEFA Euros are back again, with Europe's best teams in with a chance of taking home the trophy.

There’s a little bit of competition here at Technology Outlet, with both the English and German teams qualifying, sorry Sweden 😢, but with this print we can be sure that there’s at least one trophy coming home this year.

We printed this on our brand new, long awaited successor to the excellent V400, the S1 from our friends at FLSun . It’s lightning fast, completing this print in just 2 hours, and that’s with the speed slowed down by almost 50%!!!

We wanted it to be as accurate as possible to the real thing, with minimal finishing. So I printed it in our Copymaster 3D Silk PLA in Silver , for that perfect metallic shine. So that you can feel proud as you lift this trophy high.

In the unlikely event that it doesn’t come home, if Mr Southgate still wants a trophy to display we will be more than happy to send him this one.


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