Print Of The Month - April

We’ve still got gaming on our mind after our trip to the Insomnia Gaming Festival at the end of March, so for this print of the month we’re bringing you something a little bit different.

This awesome Aztec inspired statue just so happens to function as a holder for your favourite games console controller!

We printed this massive piece in multiple parts on our CR-10 SE , its linear rails and auto-calibration features ensuring that we had a smooth, high quality print that was easy for us to get painted up and decorated.

Our filament of choice for this item was the ever reliable Creality Hyper Speed PLA in Gray. We always go for gray filaments whenever we’re painting something up, as we find it’s easier to see where you may have missed with your primer, without standing out too much in areas where it may be a little thin.

We needed a little accessory to demonstrate this function, as none of us could bear to separate from our controllers at home. So we also printed a model playstation 5 controller using Creality Hyper Speed Blue.

The Hyper Speed filaments used in the project allowed us to print at much faster speeds thanks to its lower melt temperature and high flow properties.

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