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    Key features:

    • Dissolvable Support System (DSS)
    • Heated chamber
    • Easy cartridge replacement
    • Material consumption control
    • Z-SUITE Software

    The Zortrax Inventure, with its closed heated chamber, prints complex pieces with flawless design results and without cracks or deformations. Consistent working temperatures and Zortrax custom software guarantees dimensional accuracy and repeatability. Dual extrusion enables the ability to print support structures with dissolvable filament.

    Box Contents

    • Fully assembled Zortrax Inventure 3D printer
    • 1x Z-ULTRAT Plus cartridge
    • 1x Dissolvable cartridge
    • Z-Suite 3D printing software
    • DSS (Dissolvable Support Structure) Station
    • Starter Kit with useful tool


    Technology LPD Plus
    Build Volume 140mmx140mmx140mm
    Resolution 90-400 microns
    material Container Cartridge
    Wall Thickness Minimum 400 microns
    Wall Thickness Optimum 800 microns
    Material Diameter 1.5mm
    Nozzle Diameter 0.3mm
    Minimum Single Positioning  1.5 microns
    Z-axis Single Step 1.25 microns
    Extruder Maximum Temperature 380°C
    Heated Chamber Yes
    Chamber Maximum Temperature 90°C
    Ambient Operation Temperature 15-35°C
    Support Dissolvable Printed from a different material than the model
    HEPA Filter Yes
    Meterial COnsumption Sensor Yes
    Chip With Information About Material Yes
    Extruder Double
    Connectivity SD Card (Included)
    Available Materials Z-Ultrat Plus
    Physical Dimensions
    Shipping Box 460mm x 470mm x570mm
    Shipping Weight 20kg
    Power  110v / 240v~ 2A 50/60 Hz
    Power Requirements 24v DC @ 11A
    Power Consumption 160W
    Software Z-Suite
    File Types .stl .obj .dxf
    Supports Mac OS X / Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


    (For UK mainland customers only, if order is placed before 2pm. Excludes weekends and channel islands)



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