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    Key Features of the Pro

    • Full metal frame body, stable structure, high printing prevision.
    • Fully covered body, removable cover to meet the temperature requirements of different filaments.
    • Stable dual extruder structure, optimised for flexible and normal filament, compatible with other filaments in the market.
    • Open-source software, compatible with different slicing engines, supports multiple printing formats.

    2017 Features

    • Lid - Compositional lid is replaced by uni-body lid
    • Front Door - Almost 180-degree opening front door brings convenience to users.
    • Proprietary Slicing Software - FlashPrint is compatible with Creator Pro now.
    • Side Handles - User friendly side handles enhance handling comfort.
    • Levelling Knobs - Solid plastic levelling knobs improve levelling accuracy.
    • Power Supply Upgrade - Traditional power is upgraded to broadband power supply.
    • Control Panel Upgrade - 45-degree viewing ergonomic control panel is more comfortable to users.
    • Smaller shipping size lowers transportation cost.
    • Added quick start guide.
    • FREE Professional printing pack

    Struggling to decide between the Flashforge Creator Pro and Flashforge Dreamer? Click here to read our versus blog!

    Basic Parameters:

    no of extruder Dual
    printing technology FDM
    positioning accuracy Z axis 0.0025mm, XY axis 0.011mm
    printing accuracy 0.1mm - 0.2mm
    layer thickness 0.05 - 0.5mm
    building size 230 x 150 x 155mm
    nozzle diameter 0.4mm
    shaft speed 200 mm/s
    nozzle flow rate 24 cc/hr
    nozzle temp 220°C - 230°C



    equipment size 526 x 360 x 389mm (lid 260mm)
    package size 556 x 408 x 484mm
    power requirement 100-240VAC input, Power 300W
    file types STL, OJB, X3G / read by SD card
    operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 / Linux / MAC OSX
    display language English
    software language English / Chinese
    printing software Replicator G / Makerware
    compatible software simplify3D, MicroSoft 3D Builder, Slic3r, Skeinforge, Cura(set up before use.)
    operating manual In SD card / Online video / Quick Start Guide

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