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    Professional 3D Printing

    The XEED boasts excellent print quality and consistency and repeatability is assured with Leapfrog's PerfectLevel system, which calibrates the bed perfectly before each print. Changing and loading new filament is a breeze with the QuickLoad functionality and our super-fast slicer makes sure you will not waste any precious business time initiating your print. XEED's advanced software settings allow you to alternate between quick & easy to pro printing.

    Safe support removal, print water soluble PVA

    Leapfrog’s signature dual extrusion technique makes it possible to build intricate prints with MAXX Exotic PVA (water soluble support). With this completely natural support material, no chemicals or no separate washing tank are needed to remove support structures, regular tap water is all you need.

    By standard equipped with dual extrusion
    By standard the Xeed 3D printer is equipped with dual extrusion, enabling multi-color and multi material prints. Combining different materials broadens the range of applications you can use 3D printing for


    Key Specifications:

    • High quality rapid prototyping
    • Large buildsize, dual extrusion
    • Printready, perfectlevel™ auto calibration
    • Compatible with e.g. ABS, PLA, Brick and soluble materials like HIPS
    • Ultra flat granite bed


    Product Dimensions
    58 x 90 x 64 cm
    Shipping DImensions
    101x66x100 cm
    Layer Thickness 0.01 - 0.35mm
    Build Platform: Heated Granite Platform
    Extruder Dual
    Stepper Motors
    1.8° Step angle with 1/32 Micro-stepping
    Body / Construction:
    High-end engineered construction
    Build size
    Single Extruder Print:
    28 x 22 x 23cm
    Dual Extruder Print
    25.2 x 22 x 23cm
    Max Print Volume 14.1 Liter
    Positioning Precision XY: 12 microns Z: 10 microns
    Extruder Size 0.35mm
    Usage Costs
    €0.035 / cm3
    Print Speed
    30 – 180 mm/s
    Travel Speed
    30 – 350 mm/s
    Filament Diameter
    1.75 mm
    Nozzle Diameter

    0.35 mm


    MAXX Economy
    MAXX Professional
    MAXX Exotic
    1.75mm filaments


     Simplify 3D™ software included

    File Formats

    STL, G-code

    Wireless Printing



    Windows, Mac OS X, Linux


    AC Input:
    100 – 240 V
    50 – 60 HZ
    900 W

    Nozzle Temperature

    180° – 275° C



    Operation Heated Bed TEmperature

    50° – 80° C



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