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    We at Technology Outlet now have the ultimate professional printing pack!

    This pack contains:

    • Borosilicate glass bed - 4mm
    • 1 can of 3D lac printing spray
    • A pair of bulldog clips

    The pack helps to create perfect prints; no warping, no scraping glueing or slurries. Prints simply pop off when the glass is cool.

    Our professional printing pack is quick and easy to use;

    1. Attach glass bed to your printer, securing it with the bulldog clips provided.
    2. Level your bed. (You may need to print a shim see our download section)
    3. Spray the 3D lac onto the glass to create a sticky surface on which to print.
    4. Once your print is finished, allow the bed to cool (the 3D lac will also lose adhesion once cool)
    5. Remove your perfect print!

    (Please see video section for visual fitting instructions)

    The professional printing pack is available for the following printers;

    Optional extra's:

    Although you only need to use a small amount of 3D Lac per print, like everything it runs out. Keep one in your personal stock for emergencies by ordering an extra spray (Click here!)

    Glass is also a consumable part and although it lasts much longer than Buildtak it does still become worn out after time. If you use your printer excessively an extra sheet of glass will also come in handy if you want to start another print straight after one has finished. Instead of waiting for the glass to cool, you can simply swap it over if you have a spare! (Click here!)

    The professional printing pack size guide:

    Printer Model 

     Glass Size

    Flashforge Creator Pro / Dreamer & Wanhao Duplicator 4s

    235mm x 155mm
    Wanhao i3 V2.1 / Plus 200mm x 215mm

    Omega i3 & Wanhao Duplicator 6

    220mm x 220mm
    Raise3D N1 255mm x 236mm
    Raise3D N2 / N2 Plus 330mm x 340mm 

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