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CreatBot F1000

With the CreatBot F1000 you can now print both big and complex models.The F1000 is a industrial large format printer with dual extruders and heated build chamber.


  • A 64-point measuring system auto levels the build plate
  • High accurate linear guide system
  • Filament detection with pause function
  • Resume print after power outage
  • Heated glass ceramic build plate
  • Easy to use 9,7” touch screen
  • Heated build chamber (60°C)
  • Heated filament storage, select between 45°and 65°C
  • Dual extrusion with 420°C capable nozzles
  • High resolution of 0.05 mm
  • Stable steel construction
  • Totally enclosed build area for temperature control and noise reduction

Dual extruders with 420°C capacity

F100 are one of the first high-performance printers that comes with high temperature hot ends as standard. The dual extruders with high temperature nozzles let you print with a wide variety of different materials. The advanced cooling system makes sure that your hot ends always work under optimal conditions.

Print with precision and speed

With the F1000, CreatBot has taken everything a step further when it comes to speed, precision and reliability. Resolution up to 0,05 mm and a print speed up to 120 mm/s (60 mm/s optimal speed). Combine this and a powerful direct drive setup, and you have a printer that will perform at its best every time you use it.

Steel construction for maximum stability

Thanks to the steel construction the F1000 weighs in at a whopping 550 Kg. The steel housing makes sure that the F1000 always is stable and secure during operation. Vibrations are also kept too a minimum which in the long run makes the life span of the printer very long. In fact, the first printers from CreatBot has been running for 5 years and over 8000 hours without any major problems.

Huge print area

The F1000 is a industrial printer at its best. With this printer you can make prototypes and functional prints at a size of 1000x1000x1000 mm, that’s 1x1x1 meters! That is a volume that is 60 times higher than most regular printers.

Glass-ceramic build plate

The large build plate is made of glass-ceramic and is strong enough to withstand both weight and high temperatures that it's subjected to.

Enclosed build chamber

The completely enclosed build chamber removes all external influences. You don´t have to worry about wind gusts and temperatures in the room where the F1000 is placed. The enclosed construction also serves as a noise reduction and that the print environment always keeps a constant and even temperature.

Auto leveling platform

With the help of 64 measuring points and a BL-Touch the F1000 probes and make the adjustments needed to make the build plate leveled and saves the correct settings so you can rest assure that the print result will come out as you planned.

On board camera

The F1000 can sometimes work with print that keeps on going for several hundred of hours. In cases like that it nice to have a camera that lets you monitor the progress from a distance.

Software included

The F1000 comes bundled with a tailor maid version of Cura, which is one of the most used slicers in the world. CreatBot´s version is CreatWare. If you, for some reason, rather would use another slicer it's good to know that F1000 is compatible with SimpliFy3D

Safe to use

There is a auto off function after your print is done. There´s also an emergency stop function

Large touch screen

The large 9,7” touch screen makes the printer easy to control with an intuitive UI.

High accurate linear guide system

The accurate linear rail structure can print models in accuracy high reach to 4~5 times higher than the other ordinary optical axis printers in mass market. This structure offers accurate filament feeding, so that can print large model fast and perfectly.

Outage restored and filament detection

The printer will automatically memorize the current position and save print data, lower the platform and reverse the filament if the power suddenly would go out.When the power returns, it will continue to print from the last current position.The printer will also detect if the filament should run out and then pause the print so you can change spool.

Enclosed and heated build area

The build-chamber on the F1000 can be heated to 60°C. Thanks to this function the printer can keep a constant temperature and means that you run a much lesser risk of cracks and warping. That is a problem that you often encounter with ABS for instance on printers without heated build chamber.

Filament drying room

Many materials are hygroscopic, meaning that the absorb and hold a lot of water molecules from the surrounding environment. A typical filament which absorbs a lot is Nylon. This filament needs to be dried before each use.On the F1000 they have made another approach for this problem. You have a storage area where you can keep your most sensitive spools and keep them dry. You can choose between 45°C or 65°C depending on material.


  • Massive print area of 1000x1000x1000 mm

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