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The Copymaster 3D range of 3D printers provides the next generation of performance and accuracy redefining 3D printing. It boasts high performance at an affordable price for a no-compromise 3D printing experience. 

Multi colour printing on the copymaster Pro

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  • Huge print size up to 500 x 500 x 500mm with the Copymaster3D 500
  • Aluminium V slot frame makes it light, strong and durable
  • Direct drive integrated extruder head prints a variety of diverse filament 3D materials as standard including flexible
  • Dual Z axis threaded guide rods
  • Optional upgraded nozzles from high lubricity nickel to tungsten carbide print the most abrasive filaments
  • Super smooth movement and print accuracy of 50 microns
  • Automatically detects and pauses prints when filament runs out
  • Magnetic removable print bed ensures easy removal of your prints
  • Easily slice and print with Cura or Simplify3D 
  • Offline connectivity with full-size SD card for quick and reliable printing


Extruder quantity 1
Printing precision ±0.2 mm
Position precision X/Y axis0.011mm
Z axis
Layer thickness 0.05-0.4 mm
Build size

300 x 300 x 400mm

400 x 400 x 400mm

500 x 500 x 500mm

Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
Printing speed 30-100 mm/s
Highest extruder temperature 235
Filament diameter 1.75mm±0.07mm
Power supply AC:100-240V~
DC: 24V/6.25A
Device size 605 x 538 x 662+243mm
Packaging size 680*580*280mm
Gross weight 18KG
Screen language English
Input file type Input3MF/ STL / OBJ/FPP/BMP/PNG/JPG/JPEG format
Output: GCODE/G
Printing connection USB cable / SD card
Certification CE / FCC / RoHS
Working temperature 15-30
Compatible operating system Win XP/Vista/7/8/10Mac OSLinux
Compatible slicing software CURA / Simplify3D
Storage SD card
Heating bed 85℃ pro300 ,60℃ pro 400/500

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