3D Printing Service - CAD & Rapid Prototyping

CAD design and 3D printing, combined into one unique service from only £3/hour.

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Need a spare part, a model, template or something in between? As the UK's largest provider of 3D printers, Technology Outlet harnesses its arsenal of machinery and expertise to provide a rapid design and prototype service.

Our CAD & 3D print specialist James is an accomplished engineer who's experienced in all aspects of FDM 3D printing. You receive a prototype in sharp resolution that is skillfully modelled and expertly put together.

How does it work?

You send us a brief and our CAD specialist creates you a 3D design to agreed specifications. Then, you'll get a prototype 3D printed using one of our selection of powerful printers and your choice of filament.


Available Materials

  • PLA - All Colours, Clear, Transparent, Glow in the dark
  • ABS - All Colours, Clear, Transparent, Glow in the dark
  • Nylon- Black, White
  • PET G - Black, White, Clear, Transparent
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Conductive
  • Fire Resistant

We can print within a 10-micron accuracy with a build volume of 305x305x610mm



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