PLA Professional Filament

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Our new Professional range of Filaments is aimed at users needing high quality dimensionally accurate Filament for uninterrupted printing.

The filament is neatly wound on the spool eliminating tangles, uses natureworks pla pellets and a tolerance of +/-0.03mm eliminating any blockages or jams.

It has a very low odour ideal for highly populated environments .

High resolution filament. Easy to mould, print and engrave. High rigidity and low contraction rate.

Recommended temp.: 190º-220ºC. Diameter variability: +/- 0.03mm. Compatible with all FDM printers

Hotend temp. : 190º-220º C

Heated bed temp. : not needed

Printing speed : max 200mm/s

Diameter tolerance +/- 0,03 mm

Compatible with all FDM printers


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