Wanhao D7 - Control Box

by Wanhao
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1. Wifi Nano DLP support. 

2. USB flash disk support. So print without PC. 

3. Not only WANHAO D7, all brand DLP/SLA printer are compatible.

With the D7 control box there is no need to plug your D7 into your PC. This mini stand alone box controls your D7 printer with is bright colour touch screen display. Simply plug the box into the printer with the HDMI cable and USB cable which came with your printer, then power up the box. Using the supplied USB storage device, load the print file onto it with you PC and plug into the control box. You can now print straight from the control box, with no more need to have the printer plugged into the computer while printing!

 You can access the usual commands through the control box also, such as levelling the bed, jogging the axis, testing the LCD etc. 



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