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    Formbot T Rex 2 / 2+ 3D Printers

    The next generation of high performance 3D printers constructed with the high quality components which incorporates the latest technology in 3D printing. Available in two heights 500mm and 700mm.

    The Formbot T-Rex 2+ 500 is a seriously big printer! With a build volume of 400 x 400 x 500 mm, you get a huge 80 litres of area to print in! 
    Assembled out of high quality components, the Formbot T-Rex 2+ 500 uses incredibly thick linear rail and bearing to ensure smooth movement, and industrial ball screws to attain incredible z accuracy. 
    Built with independent dual extruders allows the Formbot T-Rex 2+ 500 to print in more ways so suit your requirements! Print with two materials for soluble support, dual colours, or print two objects at the same time for twice the printing speed! 

    Print bigger

    With 80,000 cubic centimetres of volume, the Formbot T-Rex 2+ 500 has three times the build volume of the Raise N2 for half the price, and over eight times the volume of the Ultimaker 3! 

    Never be constrained by your build volume again, and print big!

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